We care about the natural intersection between emerging technology, behavioral economics, and the way

we tell stories that make an impact.

We fuse extensive experience in traditional market

research with agile methodologies to generate

more precise and faster results.

Global Insights Annotated is a consumer intelligence and strategy consulting firm.

We help companies develop optimal marketing strategies, strengthen brands and improve customer experience (UX).


In artificial intelligence, Annotation is the process of labeling data to show the outcome you want your model to predict. In Global Insights Annotated, we transform structured and unstructured data to human-annotated information to manage behavior, subjectivity, and emotions at scale. In that way, we understand consumer behavior to predict new and emerging trends.

Traditional research methods alone do not necessarily explain consumer behavior.

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, it is not enough to know what consumers say they are thinking and doing. We need foresight on what

consumers will do next.

We analyze what people say (perceptions), what consumers feel (emotions) and what people do (behaviors).

We clarify what drives consumer behavior and accurately predict outcomes.

Our new and unique approach understands actual

consumer behavior on an unprecedented scale.

Through behavioral economics combined with machine learning and natural language processing technology, we scientifically predict new and emerging trends earlier than traditional methodologies.

We use AI technology to understand, explain, and predict Consumer Behavior

faster and better than traditional methods.

Global Insights Annotated

Is a group of seasoned data scientists, design thinkers, engineers, ethnographers, user experience and insights professionals with significant international exposure to agile methodologies such as Design Thinking and Scrum that are applied to consumer insights.​

We adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to accelerate product development and increase advertising effectiveness to make an impact.




Focus Groups at Scale

Powerful and insightful LIVE sessions.


Through an AI-enabled platform, we can interview from 40 to 100 people simultaneously. Respondents can be in any part of the world.

This solution is excellent for the early stages of concept and Ad test.



AI Causal Analysis

Through Machine Learning, we identify the WHYs of any dataset more accurately than traditional analytics.


We use causal modeling to analyze data at scale.

We can start from existing data or generate new ones from surveys.

This solution is ideal for determining what drives different outcomes, such as preference, affinity, or satisfaction.


Through Natural Language Processing technology, we conduct interviews through a chatbot or software to implement surveys.


Respondents can answer the survey using their voice.
This solution is useful for evaluating customer and user experience.


Traditional Market


We also conduct market studies with traditional qualitative and quantitative methodologies.



Ricardo Álvarez


Consumer Insights Expert
obsessed in making an impact.


Data Analytics Professional
and general data enthusiast.


Manager of Data Scientists
and predictive and advanced analytics teams.


Consultant to Companies
to design and conduct projects faster, better and at scale.


Certified by MIT on AI
with a concentration on human behavior.


Proficient in Behavioral Economics
deciphering the hidden forces that shape decisions.


more than 20 years connecting the dots.

Managing Director

  • 20+ years generating consumer insights across different sectors:  payments, travel, fintech, photography, CPG, digital products.

  • Spearheaded the consumer insights function at Unilever, Kodak and Mastercard.

  • Fluent in English, Spanish, and conversant in Portuguese.

  • Based in Miami.



Consumer and B2B

Interviews at Scale


Global Insights Annotated is a member of the Insights Association and is governed by the code of ethics and professionalism statutes of the same association.


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